Monday, January 20, 2014

March 20, 2012!

O N E    Can I just say, I can't stand how much anger is involved in the sports world. My world would not have been crushed if the Broncos had blown last nights game...nor do I crap talk my friends who are fans of other teams. I like all of the teams really, I just love football. The Colts - and Peyton - just happened to be my first favorite team. Both my boyfriend and my dad LOVE Peyton when I started watching and enjoying football, I too became his fan! Isn't that how everyone becomes a fan? You grow up rooting for a team, you live near the team, etc.? I can't stand all the "bandwagon" talk! Who really cares whom someone else is rooting for, which team they like or when they became a fan?? Not this girl! I know I didn't care for Tebow and didn't know much about the Denver Broncos before March 20, 2012. AKA The day Peyton signed to play with them after being released from the Colts!

With that rant over being said, The Broncos are going to the Superbowl and I am SO excited for February 2nd. I love Peyton Manning!!!!!!! <3

T W O    My 23rd birthday was great. The best weather I've had in YEARS! And I spent all day being lazy with my love. He even took me to Red Mango for Frozen Yogurt Parfaits. yummm

T H R E E    Santa brought us a surprise for Christmas, I can't wait to share photos and more info on that!

F O U R    I am STILL waiting to hear back from those two job interviews I've had... phew! In my next life someone remind me to choose a career that doesn't involve such extensive background checks...takes FOREVER!

F I V E    I have obviously taken a break with blogging...I enjoy getting my thoughts out there and looking back on my past posts but I have a lot to figure out when it comes to blogging. It's a hobby and I never intend to make money or have a "religious" following of readers, I just simply enjoy venting, or sharing my thoughts!

S I X    Valentine's Day is so soon. Haven't even begun preparing for that...ooh I'll have to share the neat date idea I did last year with my boyfriend. so fun and best of all FREE! ; )

S E V E N    Sadly, I have yet to see Wolf of Wall Street. : ( but I am pretty hopeful that Leo may FINALLY receive an Oscar. Seriously, how does the man NOT have one yet???? 

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward." -- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  

Here's to a great week! 
Happy Monday, friends! 

<3 KC

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kristen Lately. . .

Christmas was great, I enjoyed spending time with my mom and grandma. We baked cookies and just got to hang out all together, which is too rare these days. Then I spent time with my dad and we even went sledding -- SO MUCH FUN!!!  : )

New Year's Eve, well that's a whole other story! J and I had plans to drive down to our hometown and play cards against humanity and ring in the New Year with our best friend and his family. I woke up feeling just awful. Full blown sinus mess, I was sneezing and sounded almost as terrible as I felt. But I convinced J I was okay enough to go, I really didn't want to be a party pooper; so got bundled up and started towards the highway. My mom called and said a guest she just checked in at the hotel said if a person didn't have 4 wheel drive they were crazy to travel in this weather! He was right, the closer we got to the highway the worse the road conditions got. We made the call to turn around and spend the night at home resting being lazy and safe after all. . . I am finally beginning to feel better.
Jobby-Jobs: At this rate, any job in my field will make me more than happy. I got a call from the background investigator assigned to me through the county jail, they're still moving forward with me as part of the hiring process . . .*fingers crossed* And I also have an interview Monday tomorrow morning for a Parole Agent Position. What a killer first job out of college? I can't even imagine...but I truly want it and I'm hoping for the best!  Then J also got a call from the Sheriff's Office, he did really well on the national dispatchers exam and they want to interview him!!!! I am so excited for him. He's such a hard worker and while he actually has a full time position in his field, the company he has worked at for two years and currently works for is just not where he wants to be. Soooooo, fingers crossed that 2014 is finally our year. . .  I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be a fantastic year for the two of us ; )

My birthday is January 13th. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy.
I never know what my plans will be, but one thing I can count on is crazy weather!
This year? The snow storm came early and I hope there isn't going to be a repeat the week of my bday. . .
Holy cow! Basically everything is closed already, for tomorrow!
Every school, colleges included, banks and many other businesses.
Ohhhh, Michiganders. ahaha 
I know the southern states are freezing their arses off in the chilly-for-them weather, but this arctic mess is no joke!

Wind chill temps in the negative double digits?
So much snow cars are stuck in the middle of the road?
Multiple cities issuing state of emergency and asking for help to remove snow?
Governor Snyder and the Michigan State Police issued a statement/warning saying do not venture out if at all possible...

Yep, and I love the Mitten state! I mean, I don't always love the cold temps and I may complain about shoveling or even wish for Spring to come early but I would sure miss all this snow and cold if I didn't get to live and experience this season every year!

So that's all I got for this post, hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday evenings! Stay warm, friends

<3 KC