Friday, March 7, 2014

Feeling Fabulous!

o n e  

Uhmm, let's not talk about the heartbreak that was the "Superbowl" : (  Ohhh, broncos.... maybe next year?

t w o

Pleaseeee, someone tell me that I was not the ONLY person in denial about Leo losing out on yet another Oscar! I'll be honest, I did not see Wolf of Wall Street OR watch the Oscars -- but somebody give the man a damn Oscar already. Have you not seen his acting? Good grief!

t h r e e

Any Juan Pablo fans? Who am I kidding -- it's like a rule, all bloggers must follow the bachelor/bachelorette series! My heart was broken when he sent Renee home after hometown dates... Potentially the next Bachelorette? I kinda hope so!

As for the last three ladies standing, I can't really choose my "favorite"? Who are you rooting for?

f o u r 

Health care in America. Is there anything more frustrating????? I've been researching so much on this topic and feel so sad about how many go without proper care because of insurance or lack of, in this country. : (  How do people afford to get sick? Suffer an injury? or have a baby in this country?  

Okay, let's end this on a positive note: 
f i v e

OMG! You guys/gals/beings on blog-land: I, me, this lady here has finally got a big girl job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know about you, but I've never experienced such pride in myself! This new job marks the beginning of my next life chapter. I have so many emotions. I've mentioned it in a previous post or two, but I interviewed in early Nov. 2013 for this position and finally got hired and I start tomorrow night at the County Jail as a Booking Clerk!

Enjoy your weekend, friends! 
<3 KC