Thursday, October 31, 2013

Holiday Season

It's the end of October Halloween already? 
Crazy! This year was one of the longest yet fastest...

28 Days until Thanksgiving Day!

54 Days until Christmas Day!

61 Days until New Year's Day!
74 Days until my 23rd Birthday!

I am very excited to say goodbye to 2013 and hellooooo to the New Year
2013 has been a tough one for me...
but I am extremely hopeful that 2014 is going to be my year! <3

Last week I blogged about football.
1. I beat my boyfriend in Fantasy League Match up; 130 to 108! 
2. Our high schools football team beat their opponent 54 to 20! 
 > > That means they won their conference and are headed to playoffs, yay!

Finish the sentence:

My ex...
Yeahhh, let's not talk about him. *puts head down in shame*

Maybe I should...
start wearing outfits that don't include yoga pants!

I love...
my boyfriend more than anything in the world <3

People would say that I'm...
friendly and reserved. 

I don't understand...
why people are mean or bully others, IRL or online, Just not cool...

I lost...
my confidence, slowly but surely working on getting it back!

Life is full of...
highs and lows. 

I get annoyed when...
a) people are so close-minded & b) people don't know how to drive!!!

I wish...
I knew what I wanted to do in life. 

are my favorite. Especially my two, I LOVE them to pieces. : ) 

are okay but they're not really my thing. 

is Thursday. Hurry up, weekend!

I have low tolerance...
for liars. 

If I had a million dollars...
I`d pay of mine and my boyfriend's student loans, buy my dream home and a new car. Buy my mom a new car. Donate some to my favorite charities. And save some away for my future kid's college.

I'm totally terrified...
of fish, snakes, & being completely alone in life.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Since high school, I've become a HUGE fan of football! 
NFL mostly, I'm not really into college sports. There's too much hate going on at that level of sport and I'm just not THAT kind of sports fan. Sure, I have my favorite teams, I'll debate who's the best QB -- Payton Manning -- of course, but I refuse to get bent out of shape over a game! After all - it's all in good fun, right?

Sorry, I like Tom Brady too but Manning is the BEST!

Last year, my boyfriend and his best friend, Cj, suggested we do a fantasy draft. I had no idea what I was doing and Josh helped me out a little. I ended up WINNING the entire season!! So I was definitely excited to partake in another fantasy league this year, so we added two more players and well, I'm not doing so hot! My record is 4 and 3 and I play my boyfriend this week -- he's dominating our league this year -- I suppose if I can't win two in a row, I will be happy for his victory.

My boyfriend played football in High school. Every game during senior year, his dad and I would go watch him play. I truly enjoyed our Fridays, it was easily the highlight of my week during h.s. Well, going to the games and then hanging out with friends afterward. Tradition in our tiny town to head over to Pizza hut and drive the employees crazy  be loud, messy teenagers, eating pizza and wings! It was too fun. : ) Where I'm from has 1 stop light (total) and our graduating class was like 82 kids...Great times, I honestly LOVED high school and my hometown. 

Well since Graduating college, my boyfriend has kept in touch with his high school coach and even helped out the team on occasion but we've only made it back home for a few games. This season our high school's football team is undefeated and as their last game in regular season, they're playing another undefeated team. The game is 'away' and just so happens to be halfway between where we live now and our hometown! We're meeting his dad at the game and we're pretty excited to freeze out butts off while cheering on our hometown. Go Panthers! : )

Happy Weekend, Friends!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Welllll, it's official. I sent of my request for student loan deferment the other day and received confirmation that my deferment was approved and I will begin paying in April now. However, during my deferment period, nearly 1000 will accrue in interest! HOLY $H! does anyone pay back student loans in one lifetime? And buy a house? And pay for a wedding? And have children??? AY YI YI! Would love to talk to someone who has gone through this situation. So stressful... = /

Seriously, today's weather included: Sunshine, rain, hail, snow, and back to rain! So dreary!! We haven't left our apartment once. Beef stew for dinner, more Breaking Bad, & some hot chocolate is on the agenda for lazy day for us but I cherish these times, just the two of us. <3 

My boyfriend and I have not had cable in 3+ years, so we are a little late to the game on most shows but thanks to Netflix we are finally joining the Breaking Bad's addicting! Recently, I read online hat the creator of Breaking Bad is working on a new show based out of a city 30 minutes from my house! Exciting


Speaking of Netflix, Orange is the New Black & House of Cards (both Netflix Originals) are amazing!! My boyfriend and I watched them both the day they came out and loved them! If you haven't watched them yet, I highly recommend both shows. They're so well done and very entertaining.

& Just because I love The Walking Dead...

Friday, October 18, 2013

Back from Hiatus.

Happy Friday, Friends!

Clearly my blog has been neglected lately. I've been dealing with car issues and bad news that just seems seemed to be overwhelming! On top of still having little no luck with job hunting...SO frustrating! But I haven't given up...that counts for something, right? ; ) 

On the plus side -- I am loving this Fall weather in Michigan, football (Go Broncos!), pretty leaves, family time, & my sweet boyfriend. 

While my car was in the shop, I spent a week in my hometown visiting my mom and taking care of our dogs: Romeo & Max. I also spent a night with my Gram, love quality time with those ladies! Along with seeing my family & favorite doggies, my boyfriend really just made the week less daunting...He's always supportive but on the most frustrating day I had last week, I was in tears and just so bummed about how rough this year has been and he sent me a text message that completely changed my mood. I just love him to pieces and I am such a lucky lady. <3 <3 <3 

My good friend Katie (from High School) had her precious little boy on our best friend Kelsey's Birthday! So exciting, I can't wait to spend time with the new mama and meet little Nathaniel soon.

Since it's Friday and I'm feeling pretty lazy, I've decided to save the post I planned on uploading today for Monday and instead share some laughs.

Ohhh, how I miss Elementary School simplicity. 
; )


Haha! I'm no grammar Nazi but it does bug me
when people get the ''theirs'' and/or ''yours'' wrong! 

Thank goodness my boys don't do this,
such a mess! 

Ha ha, My Romeo would definitely agree!

<3 KC

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Post College Blues pt. 2

Theodore Roosevelt once said, ''Comparison is the thief of joy''

hearrrrd that!! 
Aside from better economic times and a lower cost of living, the generation before mine also didn't have social media updates by their peers -- to constantly compare their lives to!! 

Ughh! Please tell me I am not the only one who does this? I know social media is a choice, I don't HAVE to read about the lives of others...but I do! And usually I just feel happy that my family / friends / acquaintances are doing so well. But occasionally (on a bad day) it makes me.......cringe!! 

I think about all the job changes / awesome opportunities / privilege I read about my peers and then I look at my own experiences and harshly judge myself! But then I remember that I graduated a mere 6 months ago and I'll get there in time; Nothing happens overnight and above all else I am so lucky to have the unfaltering support of my boyfriend, Josh. Without him by my side for the past five years...I think I know I would have been locked away in the crazy house a long time ago, ya'll. Love him <3

So, why stress over something you have no control over? It's silly. 

One simply has to try their best, stay positive, and keep persevering!
 So that's exactly my plan, from here on out. I will continue to job search and apply to every prospect I find. I will remember that a blog post, tweet, instagram photo, Facebook update, etc. sharing awesome things going on in another's life, shouldn't and WON'T make me feel shame for the things I don't have. I am not a loser because I didn't find a job immediately post graduation nor does it mean I'll never be successful in life...if I don't own my home by age 24.

I prefer to think it simply means that my good news, my amazing blog post / Facebook update, my awesome job offer, my happier times, they are all just around the corner!

: )

Friday, October 4, 2013

Post College Blues?

As I am receiving more and more emails about my student loans, there is no denying it. 
I am done with school. 
My grace period ends THIS month. 
I am unemployed!!! 
Something I know knew little about... Post College Depression.  

Post college blues exist, it's a legitimate thing! 
As with all life transitions -- it's difficult.
Do Did I have unrealistic expectations for post college life? Probably.
Am I a drama queen? Maybe. 
Is this phase of my life tremendously stressful and kind of scary? You betcha... 

Haha! Hit the nail on the head...

To keep my sanity, I spend a ridiculous amount of time on the internet reading funny memes and below are my favorite ones that apply to College Graduation.

Everyone said "College won't be easy" "College is a lot harder than High school" etc. When they should have said: College is the last EASY time in your life, cherish it!!!  p.s. Post college depression is FO REALZZ. THAT is advice that would have prepared me to handle post college life or at the very least warned me about it!  

I love art and home decor as much as the next twenty-something, but my degree is one fu*#%^$ expensive piece of sh*t wall decor!
: (

On one of my more difficult days, I had finally stopped the tears from flowing when I got a phone call from an unknown number. I answer. It's a friendly sounding male student wanting to "inform me of upcoming homecoming events" Go broncos! Only to find out that he was truly calling to ask about "my post graduation life". Employment? no. :'( Internship? not anymore. Military? no.. AmeriCorps? I wish?  Anything?? NADA. Unless he's interested in discussing the latest I mean, last seasons TV episodes that I've been watching on Netflix...I got Nothin'. So I tell him I sit on my couch all day and have $0.00 dollars and he STILL proceeded to ask if I can make a $100 donation to the College because with ''increasing tuition and less grant money available, times are tough. 
Is what I wanted to say. But I simply laughed and said "I am 100% unemployed and although I would donate if I had the funds, I obviously cannot do so at this time."  
And the best for last....

Happy Friday! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Checklist

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."  --Albert Camus

I found this quote and couldn't help but feel excited for the season! Fall is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. I LOVE Football, pumpkin flavored everything, colorful leaves & hoodie weather...yep, sign me up! 

Recent blog posts I've read and pins onto Pinterest boards I've viewed, have inspired me to create my own Fall checklist.

My Fall 2013 Bucket List:
  1. Buy a cute new hoodie >> Cute & Comfy! ..Something like this one.
  2. Go to a pumpkin patch, drink cider, eat donuts, go on a hayride, etc.
  3. Volunteer at my community's Project Connect again. 
  4. 3rd annual pumpkin carve with our good friends Cj & Kelsey. 
  5. Make at least 1 Fall recipe. (Squash baked oatmeal or this tried and true 2 ingredient Pumpkin Cake Delicious!)
  6. Go to a home football game; Either my high school or college team. Go broncos! 
  7. Tap into the crafty side of me and make a fall craft. 
  8. Take a 5 mile hike with my boyfriend.
  9. Buy a new pair of boots. These?
  10. Enjoy a Fall sunset on Lake Michigan. (Like the one below, just beautiful!)
St. Joseph, MI Sunset!

: )