Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hospital Honeymoon

Josh and I got married!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Because this post needs some laughter! : )
A quick civil ceremony with two of our best friends on Friday July 11th - 2:45 pm. 
I am smitten <3 <3 <3
We plan to do the "whole shebang" in Fall 2016, 
Where our little boys & families will all be witnesses.

This ceremony was so quick and to be honest, I don't remember everything that was said by the officiant - I just remember the feeling in my heart. I am the happiest women alive and so lucky to share a special bond for eternity with the love of my life! While this wedding wasn't the one of my dreams - it's outcome is exactly my dream, I will live happily ever after with my handsome high school sweetheart and our two little boys. <3

I am now 32 weeks along with our twin boys- so many exciting changes happening in our life - it's a big year for us!

We had a routine ultrasound on Friday - just before the wedding was scheduled. By the end of the appointment, I knew something was "up" and before I knew it, the tech brought in the only Dr. working -one I've never met and we received the news that I would be admitted to the hospital.

I was devastated. We had plans to get married, do a maternity session with a local photographer and spend our first night as husband and wife soaking up on the blessings in our life and enjoying each other's company.
I quickly learned that our day was not going to go as planned. I was a wreck. I just wanted my perfect weekend; I am still working full time and am always exhausted...I feel like I've been looking forward to this weekend for so long now and it's upsetting to see my plans ruined. (Maybe this situation is just God's way of telling me to slow down?) We were obviously still able to get married but almost immediately afterward, we had to return and begin our admittance to the hospital. Thank GOD my hubs gets to stay with me. . . poor guy is sleeping on an awfully uncomfy "couch" just to be here with me. I love that man with all that I am.

While I am obviously bummed, I am still thankful. Thankful for my health right now, and the health of our boys. Thankful that I was still able to marry the love of my life. It's all an emotional roller coaster, please excuse this mess of an update! And if anyone is reading, please send some prayers up for my family, we need good vibes and positive thoughts, now more than ever for a safe and healthy last couple days/weeks before delivery! We've accepted that the boys will be in NICU but our hospitals NICU is full so a transfer will be most likely. I just pray we can transfer too.

I guess I wouldn't feel so down about my situation if I didn't have so much left to do. I feel like I am drowning in tasks:

- We have not taken our infant cpr class, or any baby classes yet!

- We haven't met with any of our top pediatrician choices!

-I couldn't start the process of legally changing my name - our plans to share one name - may not happen until after the boys' birth

- We had to cancel our maternity shoot - but our sweet, sweet photographer has offered to reschedule and maybe take some maternity photos @ the hospital! Bless her heart, she's the sweetest!

- My baby shower is today :'( I am so bummed about missing this. . .

- I am so terrified that I will lose my job over this. I am still on probation and have no FMLA or any safety for my position - I am relying on the goodness of the company I work for to keep a spot for me!

- We are scheduled to move into our new apartment next weekend and have absolutely NOTHING packed for the move!!!! *yep, you get the pattern - everything last minute and all together *

I know I am not the first pregnant woman to go through this situation or other similar situations and I know I won't be the last - but this shit is mentally draining.

I plan to write/share more when I am not so exhausted. . .just getting this little bit off my mind in an attempt to hopefully get a little more rest this morning.

The news we've received since being admitted has only gotten worse but I know our situation could be 100 times worse and we're still hanging in there for now!!

I just keep praying that we all make it through this safely and everyone is healthy.
I can't wait to meet my precious little men and share this incredible journey with my new husband.