Thursday, April 17, 2014

Two lines changed it all. . .

HA! I Love E-cards!

I have been writing and editing this post for a while now, but I think I am finally ready to share it. . . . 

I rang in the new year, at bed...sicker than I've been in a LONG time! I couldn't stop sneezing or shivering. I felt AWFUL! By January 3rd I started to feel a little better but something just felt ''off'''.

I decided to take a pregnancy test. Around 9pm my boyfriend, Josh, and I bought two pregnancy tests and quickly headed home to find out our result. I wanted to wait until morning, since the instructions insisted that first morning urine is the most accurate...but I was just too impatient. I took the test and before I could walk out of the bathroom I was pretty sure I saw a two lines quickly appearing. I was too nervous to read the results so I asked Josh to read them.

"Uhm it's positive...Literally, your test looks like it could be the sample test pictured on the box.."  And we both started laughing really, really hard. 

We have been graduated from college less than a year, still not employed in stable jobs (at the time we found out) --> no health insurance and we're living in the tiny hole-in-the-wall apartment we've shared since college. What in the heck are we going to do? We both entered shocked mode. Suddenly, we had A LOT to figure out!

Josh had to work at 11pm. Life changing news and we spent the night apart. I cried. I cried hard, for most of the night. I am mostly type-a personality, a planner, I need an answer for everything type of girl! This was a quite the curve ball. I had so many emotions running through my head but the one that never changed was my love for this tiny fetus growing inside me. Incredible. <3 <3 

When Josh came home from work that next morning, he was much more talkative. He was so optimistic and even excited about our expanding family! His excitement quickly melted away most of my anxieties and I became excited too! He is so so so wonderful and I am so lucky to have him <3

I so want this shirt! <3 

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