Sunday, June 8, 2014

Growing babies is hard work!

Yep, tired. VERY TIRED. . .

I have been slacking on keeping the bloggity updated. : /
I can hardly keep up with household chores, doctor appointments, work, etc.
Phew!!!! This mama-to-be is beginning to feel extremely tired by a day's end. . .
Working 40 hours a week, in the summer time, while 7 months pregnant should be illegal!  ; )

I am hanging in there, mostly feeling pretty good : )
The boys are growing and doing well for the most part.
 At our last appointment one twin was smaller than the other and
 while my doctors are not concerned at this time, any prayers are greatly appreciated! 

Looking forward to our baby shower, July 13th
We move into our new place July 18th
Only 12 more weeks until our due date!  

Just counting down the days until my boys are in my arms. <3 <3 <3 

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