Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A white Christmas after all

We left our apartment and headed home for the Holidays, I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas! This year was a terrible, no good, very bad crappy year, so I'm not sad to see it go. Helllllllo, 2014.

Since I forgot my camera, I borrowed this photo my Aunt posted this to Facebook of her back porch!
It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas here in the Mitten State. . .   : )

Birthday Countdown: 20 days until I am 23! 

My mom only had one day off of work during the time I am visiting so I am staying with my Gram. We've had a great visit and I love the QT with my favorite ladies.

Saturday was my mom's only day off, so she came over to help us bake Christmas goodies. She invited her best friend(same best friend she had in high school) to come join us in baking! It was a great time and we have more than a ton of cookies to show for it.. Candy cane, peanut butter blossoms, chocolate drop, pecan crescents, neiman marcus, white chocolate macadamia, and sugar cookies! And 3 varieties of fudge. Don't worry, we aren't keeping it all, I've already eaten MORE than my share...

Yesterday we had plans to shop for groceries for a traditional Christmas dinner for 6 families facing difficult times. My gram, mom, & I are all members of the American Legion Auxiliary under my grandpa who served as a Marine. My Gram and her friend Nona led this project. They contacted local area school social workers to find 6 families who needed a little help this Holiday season and had a member of their family who has/is serving in the U.S. Military.. One of the families we helped, the mom had tears in her eyes and hugged each of us. Her husband just returned home from Afghanistan and will be home for Christmas this year! As her eyes welled with tears, mine did also. What an amazing Christmas her family will have now that her husband is home and they will have a Christmas meal together as family.    :  )

We spent less than $25.00 per family and purchased a lot: a ham, yams, green beans, corn, mac n cheese, bag of potatoes, stove top stuffing & a bag of oranges! My gram and I were in charge of delivering to 3 of the families and Nona had the other 3 families. In place of a pie, we gave each of the six families a platter of all the Christmas cookies my family baked. They were so appreciative and it felt great to help others. My favorite thing about this time of year is giving to others!

This has been the best week of Christmas I've had in at least 5 years! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!  I may or may not hop on here for a quick post tomorrow but in case I do not...

<3 KC

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