Friday, December 6, 2013

New traditions

Ohhh, December. How I love thee <3 
It's quite Chilly here in the Mitten but my area has no snow right now and I'm okay with that. : )

Because I was a Scrooge last Christmas last few Christmases, this will technically be the first Christmas J & I celebrate together - at our apartment! I just wasn't in the Christmas spirit the past few years. My papa passed away on Dec. 15, 2008. It was especially hard for me and is still difficult around Christmas time. However, my outlook on things has changed and I refuse to let life's hard times ruin anymore holidays for me. 

So, I am all about the Holidays this year. . . 
Hellooooo, fellow Griswolds of the world blog-land!  

Growing up, Holidays were a big deal to my family. My Grandma and Papa (mom's parents) hosted dinner. Their four kids and all of us grand kids came to enjoy dinner, stockings & presents with them. Looking back, we were beyond spoiled and so lucky to have our family holidays. After my grandpa passed, our family stopped ALL things holiday. Super sad face. . .  Long story short, the dysfunction in my family's relations coupled with the loss of my grandpa resulted in no more celebrating. Huge bummer; I still celebrate with my mom and my grandma though, which I love! And my boyfriend's family does some fun family things too. Last year his aunt hosted an ornament decorating party. So much fun. 
My beautiful Gram & handsome Papa {prior to his cancer diagnosis} 
One of my ornaments from the decorating party -- a snowflake!
 Nostalgia sparked my idea to create new traditions for Josh and I. I told him that we should both think of a tradition for us to share each December. He liked my idea and the tradition I came up with. My new tradition: purchase mini stockings to hang on our Christmas tree. Inside we will place a hand written letter to each other. On Christmas day we will exchange stockings/letters. I have a feeling this will easily become my new favorite "present"! J hasn't decided on his tradition just yet. 

My mom bought J & I a little chocolate advent calendar a few weeks ago. I've never had one before but they're so much fun. Each day when we wake up, one of us will go grab our calendars and race each other to find the numbered day to open and find out what the chocolate's design is for that day. It's truly the simply things in life, friends. I can easily see this becoming a new tradition for us too.

Do you have any unique Christmas traditions?

<3 KC 

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