Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holy rant, Batman!

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One of my biggest pet peeves -- that does not involve people driving like idiots -- is hearing/reading ignorant arguments statements... yeah impossible to avoid, I know! But specifically religious or political based beliefs. I think it may be of importance to note that I am not easily offended and I am a very tolerant person.

Aside from racism/hate, engaging in criminal activity that harms others, etc. I do not waste my time worrying about what others believe in or spend their time doing. 
YOUR Religion? Doesn't matter to me. 
YOUR Sexual orientation? Doesn't matter!
You get the idea. . . if it's YOURS and doesn't involve harming others, then I don't care.

I am 100% for freedom. That includes choice of religion and personal opinion/belief systems! That being said, I die a little inside when I hear/read a hypocritical or overtly ignorant statement/discussion/argument!

I have never watched A&E's hit series Duck Dynasty. 1) I do not have cable. 2) It just never seemed like something that would interest me. Having said that, the increase in social media discussions of this show, caught my interest. 

I HAD to know why so many people were debating free speech, religion, anti-christian debates. I am a fan of the Phillip DeFranco Show on YouTube and when I saw his new video included this topic I quickly pressed 'play'. I think he summed up my opinion of the situation perfectly!  

I aimlessly browsed Facebook today and couldn't stand to read anymore comments/statuses about this situation. . . I literally was disgusted after reading so many misinformed and downright ignorant remarks. Remarks ranging from "There is a reason the TV remote has a channel changer, if you don't believe in the bible or support this shows views, you don't have to watch it" duly noted. to America is anti-christian. . .

1) I am ALL for freedom of speech. Unfortunately with that, comes good and bad speech. If you support this right, you support both speech you agree with and speech you do not agree with. 

2) Religious freedom and Freedom from religion. As Americans, we all have the right to choose our own belief system.  
      >  >  > As a 'good' person, I also personally believe in respect. This includes respecting the beliefs of others even when they differ from my own. I believe the true issue at the center of this situation, is the way his answers were recorded. While I am not part of the LGBTQ community, I was slightly offended that "gays, drunks and terrorists" were lumped together in one of his interview answers. I thought he sounded very offensive and believe his message could have been relayed a lot simpler with " I believe in the bible ", enough said! Often people disregard feelings of others and speak unfiltered, but that is their right. 

3) As an American who enjoys the freedoms and rights we have as citizens.
       > > One last note of the DD debate, yes the Duck show guy expressed his personal views in a GQ interview, despite being offensive, had that right as an American citizen to believe in Christ and the bible & to speak freely of his views when asked! On the same token, as an 'employee' of A&E Television Network, his "bosses" aka the network, also have rights. The right to hold their own beliefs. The right to disagree and speak out against the Duck Dynasty member for being offensive. 

In summary, I copied & pasted my comment on a friend's Facebook Status:  

I have personally never seen the show. His comments were kind of offensive, and definitely could have been stated in a better manner but it's no secret that he's a christian and holds the same beliefs as the bible. I also think it's rather silly that A&E is so worried about his comments causing damage to their fan base who do not share the same views as the duck guy. A simple statement from A&E about "not supporting some of his views" would of sufficed. Who cares THAT much about TV? So many people just jump at any chance to battle it out over politics or religion. Annoying.
Haha, This post could have been shortened to that comment alone. Happy Thursday, friends! 
<3 KC 

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