Friday, October 4, 2013

Post College Blues?

As I am receiving more and more emails about my student loans, there is no denying it. 
I am done with school. 
My grace period ends THIS month. 
I am unemployed!!! 
Something I know knew little about... Post College Depression.  

Post college blues exist, it's a legitimate thing! 
As with all life transitions -- it's difficult.
Do Did I have unrealistic expectations for post college life? Probably.
Am I a drama queen? Maybe. 
Is this phase of my life tremendously stressful and kind of scary? You betcha... 

Haha! Hit the nail on the head...

To keep my sanity, I spend a ridiculous amount of time on the internet reading funny memes and below are my favorite ones that apply to College Graduation.

Everyone said "College won't be easy" "College is a lot harder than High school" etc. When they should have said: College is the last EASY time in your life, cherish it!!!  p.s. Post college depression is FO REALZZ. THAT is advice that would have prepared me to handle post college life or at the very least warned me about it!  

I love art and home decor as much as the next twenty-something, but my degree is one fu*#%^$ expensive piece of sh*t wall decor!
: (

On one of my more difficult days, I had finally stopped the tears from flowing when I got a phone call from an unknown number. I answer. It's a friendly sounding male student wanting to "inform me of upcoming homecoming events" Go broncos! Only to find out that he was truly calling to ask about "my post graduation life". Employment? no. :'( Internship? not anymore. Military? no.. AmeriCorps? I wish?  Anything?? NADA. Unless he's interested in discussing the latest I mean, last seasons TV episodes that I've been watching on Netflix...I got Nothin'. So I tell him I sit on my couch all day and have $0.00 dollars and he STILL proceeded to ask if I can make a $100 donation to the College because with ''increasing tuition and less grant money available, times are tough. 
Is what I wanted to say. But I simply laughed and said "I am 100% unemployed and although I would donate if I had the funds, I obviously cannot do so at this time."  
And the best for last....

Happy Friday! 

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