Friday, October 25, 2013


Since high school, I've become a HUGE fan of football! 
NFL mostly, I'm not really into college sports. There's too much hate going on at that level of sport and I'm just not THAT kind of sports fan. Sure, I have my favorite teams, I'll debate who's the best QB -- Payton Manning -- of course, but I refuse to get bent out of shape over a game! After all - it's all in good fun, right?

Sorry, I like Tom Brady too but Manning is the BEST!

Last year, my boyfriend and his best friend, Cj, suggested we do a fantasy draft. I had no idea what I was doing and Josh helped me out a little. I ended up WINNING the entire season!! So I was definitely excited to partake in another fantasy league this year, so we added two more players and well, I'm not doing so hot! My record is 4 and 3 and I play my boyfriend this week -- he's dominating our league this year -- I suppose if I can't win two in a row, I will be happy for his victory.

My boyfriend played football in High school. Every game during senior year, his dad and I would go watch him play. I truly enjoyed our Fridays, it was easily the highlight of my week during h.s. Well, going to the games and then hanging out with friends afterward. Tradition in our tiny town to head over to Pizza hut and drive the employees crazy  be loud, messy teenagers, eating pizza and wings! It was too fun. : ) Where I'm from has 1 stop light (total) and our graduating class was like 82 kids...Great times, I honestly LOVED high school and my hometown. 

Well since Graduating college, my boyfriend has kept in touch with his high school coach and even helped out the team on occasion but we've only made it back home for a few games. This season our high school's football team is undefeated and as their last game in regular season, they're playing another undefeated team. The game is 'away' and just so happens to be halfway between where we live now and our hometown! We're meeting his dad at the game and we're pretty excited to freeze out butts off while cheering on our hometown. Go Panthers! : )

Happy Weekend, Friends!

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