Saturday, October 5, 2013

Post College Blues pt. 2

Theodore Roosevelt once said, ''Comparison is the thief of joy''

hearrrrd that!! 
Aside from better economic times and a lower cost of living, the generation before mine also didn't have social media updates by their peers -- to constantly compare their lives to!! 

Ughh! Please tell me I am not the only one who does this? I know social media is a choice, I don't HAVE to read about the lives of others...but I do! And usually I just feel happy that my family / friends / acquaintances are doing so well. But occasionally (on a bad day) it makes me.......cringe!! 

I think about all the job changes / awesome opportunities / privilege I read about my peers and then I look at my own experiences and harshly judge myself! But then I remember that I graduated a mere 6 months ago and I'll get there in time; Nothing happens overnight and above all else I am so lucky to have the unfaltering support of my boyfriend, Josh. Without him by my side for the past five years...I think I know I would have been locked away in the crazy house a long time ago, ya'll. Love him <3

So, why stress over something you have no control over? It's silly. 

One simply has to try their best, stay positive, and keep persevering!
 So that's exactly my plan, from here on out. I will continue to job search and apply to every prospect I find. I will remember that a blog post, tweet, instagram photo, Facebook update, etc. sharing awesome things going on in another's life, shouldn't and WON'T make me feel shame for the things I don't have. I am not a loser because I didn't find a job immediately post graduation nor does it mean I'll never be successful in life...if I don't own my home by age 24.

I prefer to think it simply means that my good news, my amazing blog post / Facebook update, my awesome job offer, my happier times, they are all just around the corner!

: )

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