Friday, October 18, 2013

Back from Hiatus.

Happy Friday, Friends!

Clearly my blog has been neglected lately. I've been dealing with car issues and bad news that just seems seemed to be overwhelming! On top of still having little no luck with job hunting...SO frustrating! But I haven't given up...that counts for something, right? ; ) 

On the plus side -- I am loving this Fall weather in Michigan, football (Go Broncos!), pretty leaves, family time, & my sweet boyfriend. 

While my car was in the shop, I spent a week in my hometown visiting my mom and taking care of our dogs: Romeo & Max. I also spent a night with my Gram, love quality time with those ladies! Along with seeing my family & favorite doggies, my boyfriend really just made the week less daunting...He's always supportive but on the most frustrating day I had last week, I was in tears and just so bummed about how rough this year has been and he sent me a text message that completely changed my mood. I just love him to pieces and I am such a lucky lady. <3 <3 <3 

My good friend Katie (from High School) had her precious little boy on our best friend Kelsey's Birthday! So exciting, I can't wait to spend time with the new mama and meet little Nathaniel soon.

Since it's Friday and I'm feeling pretty lazy, I've decided to save the post I planned on uploading today for Monday and instead share some laughs.

Ohhh, how I miss Elementary School simplicity. 
; )


Haha! I'm no grammar Nazi but it does bug me
when people get the ''theirs'' and/or ''yours'' wrong! 

Thank goodness my boys don't do this,
such a mess! 

Ha ha, My Romeo would definitely agree!

<3 KC

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