Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Welllll, it's official. I sent of my request for student loan deferment the other day and received confirmation that my deferment was approved and I will begin paying in April now. However, during my deferment period, nearly 1000 will accrue in interest! HOLY $H! does anyone pay back student loans in one lifetime? And buy a house? And pay for a wedding? And have children??? AY YI YI! Would love to talk to someone who has gone through this situation. So stressful... = /

Seriously, today's weather included: Sunshine, rain, hail, snow, and back to rain! So dreary!! We haven't left our apartment once. Beef stew for dinner, more Breaking Bad, & some hot chocolate is on the agenda for lazy day for us but I cherish these times, just the two of us. <3 

My boyfriend and I have not had cable in 3+ years, so we are a little late to the game on most shows but thanks to Netflix we are finally joining the Breaking Bad's addicting! Recently, I read online hat the creator of Breaking Bad is working on a new show based out of a city 30 minutes from my house! Exciting


Speaking of Netflix, Orange is the New Black & House of Cards (both Netflix Originals) are amazing!! My boyfriend and I watched them both the day they came out and loved them! If you haven't watched them yet, I highly recommend both shows. They're so well done and very entertaining.

& Just because I love The Walking Dead...

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