Friday, November 8, 2013


Tomorrow my mom is coming to visit and take Josh and I out for brunch, I can't wait! : )
Next Wednesday Josh & I are volunteering with the Poverty Reduction Initiative in Kalamazoo at the Project Connect event, I'll post more about that next week...

Exciting news that I debated not sharing but ultimately decided I can't hold it in any longer...I've finally got a lead for a job! The Sheriff's office contacted me via email to say that my application was pulled to continue further into the hiring process. I had to fill out a second application and now my fingers are crossed. This is HUGE! I've been applying to all kinds of jobs near the city I live in and have had very little luck. This job is directly related to my schooling and I am very hopeful that this is the break I've been waiting for! 
Wish me luck or say a prayer, this job would be life changing...

I know very little next to nothing about cameras. I have an outdated semi-decent camera of some sort but I hardly ever take photos because 1) it's outdated and takes less than good quality photos 2) I'm forgetful. When something exciting is going on I don't always remember to snap a photo. But I did the best I could with some photos I have saved on my computer to compile a picture-filled Thankful November post to catch up on the days I've missed.

# 5 I am thankful for animals, specifically my pets. I am so in love with my dogs. They have become more than just dogs or pets, they are part of my family. I feel so amazing when I come to visit them and they can't even contain their emotions of excitement!
Romeo; Are his lovins' not super adorable? I just LOVE him.
This is Maxwell aka Max. He's 'patiently' waiting for me to throw his toy...
(Oh, please excuse the flooring, my mom was getting new carpet installed. ha!)

# 6 I am thankful for cousins. As an only child, growing up was much more fun when I was hanging out with my cousins! John a year older, Katie (his sister) a year younger than me...well we were two 3 peas in a pod. Those two happen to be the ones I have always been closest to but I am a very lucky girl in the cousins department. I am smack dab in the middle when it comes to age, and I love it!  

My three "baby" cousins. Liz, me, Doug, & Stephanie.
The one on the left is now a freshman in high school; Holy cow!

# 7 I am thankful for my country. Specifically the freedoms we have and often take for granted in America. I have never experienced life in another country or culture for that matter but I am very thankful for my life here in the good 'ole mitten state, US of A! Just knowing that I can choose to purchase groceries or grow my own; I can choose to use swear words or not; I can choose to believe in religion or not believe; I can choose to be a republican, democrat, or other and I actually get a say vote. The mere choices I have at my disposal as a citizen of my country brings me joy and I am very thankful for the freedoms I have.  
Spotted this while looking out of the ship (USS Midway) on our San Diego vacation 2011.
# 8  I am thankful for friends! Especially the good ones and I have a lot of those. Mostly from high school, but what can I say? My class and a few of the girls from the class under me are just amazing! : )  
My senior class, Watervliet High School Class of 2009! 
Throwback photo, my senior year. Jessica, me, Katie, and Kelsey LOVE Them.

<3 KC

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