Thursday, November 21, 2013

Questions & Nerves - OH MY!

As I mentioned last week, I had two interviews this week. These interviews were easily the most important ones I've ever had. Huge opportunities to finally begin my post-college career in the field that I actually studied! No pressure or anything . . .
I am a very anxious person and interviews are my biggest trigger; I become queen of awkward town and babble like a goofball when being interviewed. As soon as I get over five minutes of excited feelings, anxiety steps in and I dread the interview until it's over  I know if I've got the position or not! 
Okay, I might not be as awful as I think I am. Yesterday my last boss emailed me that she had already been called from the first interview I had, she said it went well and they actually told her "I am a top candidate" 

My first interview was for a position assisting felony probation/parole agents in the field. 
A great entry level position, good pay, and I want it so badly! I'm really excited to begin my career and I feel this position is a great place for me to start!  << this is the one that I'm a top candidate for . . . *fingers crossed*

My second interview was for a booking clerk position at the county jail! Holy guacamole, such an amazing opportunity. I want it so badly! After the interview I took a personality test and asked for a quick tour of the facility. It was great. I wasn't feeling very confident with this interview (maybe because a captain and two lieutenants in full uniform were conducting my interview) Once I felt like I was bombing the interview, I seriously couldn't wait to get out of there . . .
 The hardest part, as they say, is o-v-e-r. Now the waiting game! Oh joy!
Thankfully, I have the holiday season to distract me from worrying *too much* about the interviews every single waking moment! 

Thankful November!
# 16 I am thankful for kindness. A smile or simple words of encouragement can change someone's mood or entire day! It's amazing and I love being the recipient of kindness almost as much as practicing kindness. What can I say, I'm a smiley person . . .  : )
# 17 I am thankful for my car! Living forty-five minutes from my hometown (& immediate family) I rely on my car to go and visit with them. Now that the colder months are here, having a good running vehicle is important to me and I am thankful for my decent car.

# 18  I am thankful for photography! Life is constantly changing and that's why I believe memories are such treasures. Having a photo to bring back memories from a photo of old friends, lost loved ones, or funny times. . . I LOVE looking at old photos and taking new ones to look back on in the future!
Max smiling & waiting so patiently for me to throw his toy!
# 19 I am thankful for community volunteers/supporters. With the chaos that occurred during the tornadoes and severe storms, many people were left with no power and major home damage. Without places/people like the American Red Cross, those affected may not have had a warm place to sleep or a meal to eat. We all need the support of others. I am thankful organizations like this, exist. 

# 20 I am thankful for the hard workers that worked hard to restore power in my hometown and surrounding states affected by the weekends severe weather! My family was only without power for 48 hours and I am very thankful that my mom and pups all had a warm place to stay while the power was being restored. (thanks for watching my doggies, Gram)

# 21 (yikes I am really behind!) I am thankful for blogging! Since moving away from home (and my best friends) Blogging acts as an outlet for me to share happenings in my life or thoughts I have in my head the day I write a new post! Whether I have 0 or 5,000 readers, I truly enjoy blogging!

<3 KC

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