Friday, November 22, 2013

Jingle Balls?

Happy Friday, Friends! 

Boring but good night over here!
Other than checking my email constantly for news on my interviews, we're just having a 'Parenthood' marathon and I plan on tidying up our apartment for the Holidays.  
My boyfriend's mom future Mother-in-law ; ) is driving four hours to come and spend the holidays with us this year and she will be staying here for a week. 

Sooooo, naturally I'm going on a major cleaning spree!
I hope that hoarders is still on Netflix, that always helps me toss out stuff we don't truly need OR have space for!  
Ohhh, Monica. . .  : )
While I do not want to wish away the last of 2013 (Hellllo! Bring on the turkey, pumpkin pie & ALL THINGS Christmas!!!) BUT I am really excited to bring in the new year. . . 
Here's to hoping 2014 is better than this not-so-great year! 

Speaking of Christmas, 
have you seen this funny hilarious commercial?

Thankful November

# 22 I am thankful for my mom's best friend. My "aunt" Dawn. She is such a blessing for my mom and I and I love her like actual family. I can count on her more than actual family and friendships like that is rare. My mom is lucky to have her and I am thankful that my mom has a such a great, true friend. 

<3 KC

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