Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

'Early graduation ceremony honors Western Michigan student battling brain cancer'

It's not everyday that something inspirational or even meaningful flows through my Facebook newsfeed. That was not the case yesterday. A friend of mine (still attending WMU) shared this article and encouraged everyone to read it. I was bored and I love articles and WMU so I glanced through the photos and then read about a truly inspiring young man. 

Chris Boes is a student at Western whom, despite battling brain cancer, persevered and continued his study of public law at the University! Because of all of his hard work and his truly inspiring story, Western honored him with a special early graduation ceremony. 
WMU's President, John Dunn, with student/alumnus Chris Boes
AMAZING. Such a wonderful article to read & story to know about; especially before the holidays. 
One of my former professors, Dr. Ashlyn Kuresten, with the new graduate and his parents.

When I wake up on the 'wrong side of the bed' or even struggle with a negative attitude some days, reading stories like this one really puts things into perspective! 

So what if I get a flat tire a week after I purchased new ones, 
So what if my hopes are high for a job and then get a "thanks, but no thanks" letter
So what if I can't afford some of the things I want but do not absolutely need 

Bad things happen. Bad days happen. But It's not a bad life, it's just a bad day and we have to keep pushing forward. Thinking about the struggles and serious adversity other's may be facing easily encourages me to stop being negative and worrying about the little things so I have room to appreciate the big ones. . .

A flat tire is nothing because at least I have a safe vehicle.
I am an unemployed, poor recent college graduate but I have an education and the support of my boyfriend through this financial and mental struggle.
I can super glue my winter boots' ripped seam and use inserts to make them work for one more winter. 

There are many, many, many things to be thankful for. Every single day. It's funny how much easier it is to remember to this, during the holiday season.

Thankful November

# 23 I am thankful to be a Bronco! While I didn't always enjoy some of the challenging work or the amount of debt I am in because of my schooling, I am SO thankful to have had the opportunity to attend Western Michigan University and just be part of such an amazing school that cares about the student body. It's a great day to be a Bronco!  ; )

# 24 I am thankful for my boyfriend's family. A family I hope to become my future in laws. It's tricky to figure out who's home to celebrate which holiday at etc, so this year I will be celebrating with my mom and her mom. While my boyfriend celebrates with his dad's side of the family. When finding out I wasn't going to make it to their dinner this year ,his dad said " aw, that's too bad" His statement made me smile, I love my second family, they're great people <3 

# 25 I am thankful for good cooks. While my Gram, Daddy, & mom are all great cooks. I am lacking in this department. My grandma and dad have been cooks for a living. People RAVE about their food and for good reason. I am thankful I get to enjoy another home cooked thanksgiving with my grandma.

# 26 I am thankful for the men and women who serve and protect this country. While military men and women are probably what you're thinking I mean even more than them. The healthcare professionals (*think* EMTS and others) and police officers/firefighters too!  All of them sacrifice so much most importantly time with their families and sometimes their own lives for the safety of ours!! I am beyond thankful for all that they do for us. 

# 27 I am thankful for my driver's education. Michigan roads can be trying this time of the year. Add in careless drivers and disaster awaits. I was mad at the time, but looking back -- my grandparents & mom making me wait to take driver's ed. until Winter time was one of the best decisions they ever made. I am a good driver and navigate these icky roads like a boss! ha, sorry...I just had to. Anyway, tomorrow my boyfriend and I will be traveling about 45 minutes to our hometown. Our hometown plows are struggling to keep up with the snow! We got more than a 12inches in some areas and roads are icy and accidents are nonstop. I wish safe travels for all! And remember it's better to be late than never arrive >> slow down!

KC <3

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