Friday, November 1, 2013

Racist Costumes & Thankful November!

While Halloween has passed and we are beginning the month of November, something I really want to address is the controversy and backlash, actress Julianne Hough received regarding her costume choice this Halloween. 

According to Julianne, she is a fan of the show, actress Uzo Aduba, and the character she plays: 'Crazy eyes'. BOOM >> *insert costume Idea*. 
When you Google "Crazy eyes", there are almost an equal amount photos of Julianne Hough in her costume as there are of actress Uzo Aduba aka Crazy eyes from Netflix Original Series 'Orange is the New Black'. 

I am not easily offended by things such as a Halloween costume, political opinions/debates, most profanity, etc. But the more I reflect on the situation Hough is now facing, I can't help but think that if her use of "black face" is so offensive and inappropriate, why are the following costumes not offensive in the very same way?
Sexy Indian?
Mexican Serape?

"White Face??" Geisha?
Please! Someone explain the difference in any of these offensive/racist/off-putting costumes?
Why is it okay for a person to be the three bottom options but a controversy for the top costume? 
If one is wrong/racist/offensive should the other three I've listed NOT be in the same category and ''off limits'' as well? I believe that answer is YES.

All of these costumes can/may be offensive or non-offensive based on the sensitivity of audiences. Just as plenty of other costumes can be / are offensive...I personally would not be offended to see any of the costumes I've listed, however 
I do believe considering one as inappropriate and not considering the rest equally inappropriate,is hypocritical and absurd!

Just something that has been bugging me. 
*End rant*

Tonight, my boyfriend and I went to the first of pre-district playoff games for our High school; they played our rivals tonight...SO fun. To top it off they won 44 to 0 -- Go Panthers!
And lastly, as today marks the first of November, I've decided to share one thing I am thankful for each day until Thanksgiving. I will likely miss days because I do not update daily, but in that case I will double triple up on my thankfulness! : ) 
#1 I am thankful for my supportive and loving boyfriend, without him I truly would be lost. (*rolls eyes*; cliche, I know...but TRUE!) I am so thankful for having him in my life the past five years. 
Handsome man of mine one night in my college dorm. <3 <3 <3
Night of our 4 year dating anniversary!  : )

Happy weekend! 

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