Monday, November 4, 2013


Monday already? 

Uhmm, where did the weekend go?

Friday we drove down to our hometown to watch our high school play defeat our rivals in pre-district playoffs. Josh's dad met us there and he & I both agree -- it feels like just yesterday we were there cheering J on...the past 5 years have flown by. Crazy!

Saturday I lounged around pretty much all day. boring and perfect for this cold Fall weather!

 Sunday was spent cleaning our apartment, baking cookies, and watching Parenthood. After finishing all of the available seasons on Netflix of Breaking Bad (it's killing me to not know what happens in the last season!) we I decided to start watching Parenthood. We LOVE it! 

On an unrelated note, I posted this video to my Facebook page about a month ago; since watching it, I STILL can't stop laughing! J & I are constantly doing obnoxious Hash tags with our hands in real life #cantstopwontstop 

Thankful November:

#2 I am thankful for my mother. Without her I would not exist. She taught me so much in life. And I love her so very much. She's always been one of my very best friends! I am so lucky to have her and I am very thankful she's my mom. 

#3 My grandma and papa - my mom's parents - as my mom was a teen mother, her parents helped us out tremendously over the years! My papa passed away 5 years ago this December from Cancer, I miss him everyday, but my love and gratefulness towards him and my gram are infinite. <3

#4 My daddy rob! My biological father is your 'worst case scenario--teen "dad" situation' > needless to say my mom's boyfriend at the time she found out she was pregnant, stepped up to the plate that another guy walked away from. Years down the road my mom and him broke up, and to this day he's still around and still 'dad' and one of my mom's best friends. We love him so much and I'm very thankful for him!

<3 KC

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